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Suppose there are two sides that are enemies with each other. One is the stronger side and the other, for sure, knows that if they are invaded they will be wiped out. Here, the weaker side has two options: Fight and lose horribly or opt for a peace deal. Obviously, the better choice for the weaker side here is to negotiate a peace deal with the enemy. If it happens and the two sides work out an agreement, the agreed upon terms are likely to be in the favor of the stronger side but still, the weaker side can live to fight another day.

Somaliland has a situation similar to the picture portrayed above with COVID-19. The whole world is at war with COVID-19 and so is Somaliland. In this case, the world is the weaker side and COVID-19 is the bully. Some countries can show some resistance and fight back and other countries, like Somaliland, can’t go against the disease and the only option they do have is to work out a settlement with the devil. The terms of the settlement are already laid out. The devil stays out as long as you abide by the rules it imposes. The rules are:

  1. FORTIFY – Build your fortress to make sure it stays out. This entails closing you borders to make sure no one comes into your country and no one goes out of it.
  2. DISPERSE – Avoid gatherings and maintain safe distance between each other.  This means closing down any potential places of gathering – Work premises, Gyms, Restaurants, Markets, Mosques and etc.
  3.  PROTECT – Follow the best protective measures to protect yourself – like hand and respiratory hygiene, self isolation and etc.
  4. PREPARE – Construct secret passages inside the fortress for escape if the enemy breaks through the walls. This means preparing your hospitals for COVID-19 patients and coming up with ways to adopt social distancing to decrease the spread of the disease.

As was discussed in the previous article, the only option this country has is prevention. To prevent, orders, imposed upon by COVID-19, should be obeyed to the letter. Now the questions are: Can Somaliland adhere to the terms of the deal? Can it follow the rule of law imposed by COVID-19? Can it FDPP  (Fortify, Disperse, Protect and Prepare)?

With no strict travel restrictions in place, social norms being powerful motivators and getting in the way of people taking the right steps and the country’s unpreparedness for this pandemic means the country has already made a litany of violations of the peace deal and is already heading to a health crisis. Only prayers can change the destiny so pray for this country.

Author Info
Dr. Mubarak Ahmed

Dr. Mubarak Ahmed

An M.B.B.S degree holder from Sudan with a vast experience in managing diabetes and hypertension. Currently the Primary Care Provider at Saafi Clinic with a vivid vision aimed at improving and modernizing the care provided to patients affected by diabetes and hypertension.

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