Training of Observers for BP Measurement

Aim of the Training

What is the most important measure that we routinely check on our patients and is most prone to error? The answer is Blood Pressure (BP).

Small inaccuracies in blood pressure have significant consequences. It has been predicted that underestimating systolic blood pressure (SBP) by 5 mmHg would cause a 25% increase in fatal stroke and heart attacks in these patients. Conversely, overestimating systolic blood pressure by 5 mmHg would lead to inappropriate treatments with antihypertensive medications causing an increased risk of adverse drug events and unnecessary cost. BP reading inaccuracies mostly occur as a result of improper measurement techniques.

Accurate measurement and treatment of hypotension and hypertension is necessary for the health and safety the patients.

The aim of this training is to update and improve the technical skills of observers for blood pressure measurement.


Who is the training for?

All health care professionals – Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Pharmacists and other Medical Assistants

Training Session Plan

Part 1- Informal Lecture

  • Define Blood pressure including the difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Define the korotkoff sounds and the auscultatory gap
  • Demonstrate the proper technique for manually measuring a patient’s blood pressure
  • Interpretation of BP Readings and Staging of Blood Pressure
  • Common pitfalls with blood pressure measurement
  • Definition of hypertension


Part 2 – Practical Session

  • How to Measure blood pressure (BP) accurately

Training Duration

The training will be conducted in just half a day on Thursday, 18th of March. The first session, which will be a power point presentation, will take about 2 hours and the practical session will last about the same time.


Upon successful completion of the training, certificates will be issued to the participants.


The training will be facilitated by Dr. Mubarak Ahmed, an M.B.B.S degree holder from Sudan with a vast experience in managing diabetes and hypertension. Currently the Primary Care Provider at Saafi Clinic with a vivid vision aimed at improving and modernizing the care provided to patients affected by diabetes and hypertension.



The training will be held at Saafi Clinic which is situated near Safari Hotel, Jigjiga Yar.

Training  Attendees

Our training is open to a maximum of fifteen participants so that each individual gets as much hands-on experience as possible and our trainers can give maximum feedback. While the training is based on solid theoretical principles, the training emphasis is on practical application.

Training Fee

Training fee per individual: 10$.


 This will cover the refreshments and the certificates that will be issued for the attendees at the end of the training.


Payment modes:

1- Dahabshiil Bank Account – HRGD 71935

2- Mobile money transfer using Zaad No. – 063-4028175

3- Cash payment at the Center



Registration is open from 11th of March to 18th of March. Click the Download button below to download the application form. Fill it and then scan and send it to [email protected] or bring the hard copy to the center. For futher information, call us on 063-4714464.

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