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Our clinic is committed to providing a first-rate care to patients.

“We are Safi Diabetic and Hypertensive Clinic and we plan to provide a comprehensive care to diabetics and hypertensives living in Somaliland.

We believe in providing a first-rate healthcare to our patients with a team that is equipped with the appropriate knowledge. We specialize in preventing, managing and organizing education and counseling sessions for those affected by diabetes and hypertension, both referred to as silent killers. In fact, we aim to fight these epidemics in order to optimize the quality of life.

We started this business because a person with diabetes and hypertension in Somaliland does never receive the appropriate care i.e. education, counseling and follow up that s/he needs. As such, many develop complications that otherwise could have been easily prevented. The need for a clinic that specializes specifically in taking care of those affected by them seemed imperative. Thus, necessitating the establishment of this clinic.

We are looking forward to serving vulnerable people with safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient and equitable healthcare.

I would like to personally invite you to pay us a visit or encourage your loved ones to come to us if affected with these ailments.”

Dr. Mubarak Ahmed, M.B.B.S

Founder and Primary Care Provider (PCP)

A BRILLIANT doctor with a vast experience in managing diabetes and hypertension; aims to transform the care provided to patients affected with these ailments.

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Prevent/Delay of onset

Early diagnosis 

How to prevent?

Lifestyle modifications

Vigilant follow up to help with early diagnosis



Optimize quality of life

Prevent complications

How to manage?

Lifestyle modifications

Pharmacological management

Vigilant follow up to identify complications early and to treat them


How is it provided?

Individual counseling sessions

Group Education Sessions

Key purposes

To enhance knowledge – diabetes in general terms, Diet, Physical Activity and Lifestyle

To foster behavior change – Skills and abilities, Self monitoring, etc.

Get Control of Diabetes and Hypertension

The clinic works to help maintain the quality of life of the people dealing with diabetes and hypertension. If you or your family member is affected by any of those, please get an appointment with us.

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